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 Q: What is the difference between the Etymotic Bean PSAP and a hearing aid fitting? 


A: The Etymotic Bean is designed for a mild to moderate hearing loss of a typical sloping profile. Hearing       aids meet a wide range of hearing loss and are custom tailored to a particular loss.   

Q: Do I need a hearing test to get fitted with the Etymotic Bean ?  


A: No. They are a "one size fits all", however, a hearing test will tell you if it is likely to meet your need. We       refer you for a fitting.   

Q: If the Etymotic Bean isn't strong enough, are there other low cost options?   

A: Yes. Although the FDA has not yet defined regulations for OTC products, we can fit entry level hearing       aids for about twice the cost of the Etymotic Bean.  


Q: Do you offer financing?

A: Yes, we accept Care Credit and can establish an account for you.    

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